Is it localized?

Japan is a mature market that expects things to be in Japanese. Japanese consumers will not embrace English content. And even if it's translated into Japanese, does it sound natural? Is it written to grab the customer's attention? Is it optimized for Japanese SEO? 

When localizing for the Japan market, keep in mind what we call the "3 E's."

  • "E" for Explain: The ability to clearly and correctly communicate facts so that there is no misunderstanding.
  • "E" for Express: The ability to convey a message or ideas in a way that elicits an emotive reaction by the reader.
  • "E" for Explore: The ability to bring out the full potential of the message through effective use of keywords and other SEO considerations.

Get the most value from your localization effort, with faro’s Value-Added Localization.

Manuals consist mainly of Explaining because miscommunicated facts may lead to legal issues or worse. 

Sales promotion requires more Expressing to connect with the customer, and Exploring to see how far your message can go. 

If you're entering the Japan market, choose a partner with the linguistic expertise to do it right.

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